This is what I hear from a lot of people that work in big corporations when we talk about multifunctional teams and feature teams. My instict pushes me to reply with "Well, you SHOULD bloody be like a startup".

There is a specific reason why I think big companies should behave more like startups and that is to remove dependencies.

In big companies you usually have specilised teams, the DB team, the security team, the UI/UX team, the Java team, etc. and actually, this reflects how the software is developed. The DB team will deliver the store procedures or tables to the Java team, which will then deliver the backend for the frontend team which will deliver features to the UI/UX team.

As you can see, there is a chain of dependencies. These dependencies require a big up front effort for planning and often lead to a blaming culture throughout the company, as a team will blame another team for late delivery or for not complying to the requirements specified.
In addition, big companies are now following the fashion of declaring themselves AGILE because they want to be seen as progressive thinkers. Most of the time, they are just using some little ceremonies from frameworks like SCRUM, but not fully benefit from them.

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