We provide a range of services from Team Management, Agile Coaching to good old Software Development.

  1. What do you mean with Team Management?
  2. Ok, but we really need something specific...
  3. I'm a Developer that wants to learn more about Agile Methodologies, TDD, BDD ...
  4. We want to go faster!

What do you mean with Team Management?

With almost 20 years experience in Software Development, from enterprise, web development, mobile to game development, and over 10 years experience in introducing and running Agile Methodologies, we can propel your team into an highly productive machine.

Our consultants are Software Developers first, meaning that they can easily interface with your Development Team, having experienced the good and bad of Software Development themselves.

They can provide mentoring and technical advice on Software Architecture, Technical Practices, Source Control, DevOps as well as help you run the management of the team using the appropriate methodology for your needs.

Ok, but we really need something specific...

Not to worry, we can tailor our services to your needs.
Here are some examples:

  • Review your Source Control System and Strategy and provide alternatives or suggestions for improvement, as well as pairing with you in the implementation of any changes.

  • Introducing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery from concepts to actual implementation in your development cycle.

  • Investigate new technologies you are thinking of adopting and sharing the findings with your Development Team through interactive presentations and documentation.

  • Introducing Agile Methodologies to your newly formed Team, with the caveat of also involving the entire organization as Agile needs to be accepted and adopted by the whole company.

  • Run an Agile Pilot to satisfy your curiosity of how agile works and what benefits it could bring to your company.

I'm a Developer that wants to learn more about Agile Methodologies, TDD, BDD ...

We've all been there and it's likely you've already been on a 3 day course on Agile... but you cannot get your head around it, or you don't know how to introduce these new methods and techniques within your company?
We can help you with that by working side by side with your team on your current real projects (not made up, unreal examples) and explore these techniques to help you understand benefits and drawbacks.

We want to go faster!

We get this request from all clients, and it seems to be the short term expectation after adopting an Agile approach....
Let me break the news to you that there are plenty of variables that can determine how much faster you can go, and by just declaring you are using Scrum or any other methodology, won't really make the cut.

An Agile approach will, first of all, highlight all the issues, if any, in your processes from concept to delivery.
You will then need to be willing to invest in your team and processes in the long run and get ready to fight your corner to make a big difference.

But you are not alone, we can certainly help you along the journey.

Get in touch and let us know how we can be of help!