On-site Team Management

Purple Beans Consulting offers on-site team management to either improve or make the first steps into adopting Agile methodologies.

With over 10 years experience in Software Development, from enterprise to mobile to game development, and over 4 years experience in introducing and running SCRUM, I can propel your team into an highly productive machine.
I can help you with planning and strategy, everyday team management and stakeholder management, as well as offering technical advice and reasons to adopt the most popular Agile software development methodologies (TDD, BDD, XP, etc.).

Mentoring and Coaching

My extensive hands-on experience in software development is the key to my approach to Mentoring and Coaching. I have experience in coaching product owners to write User Stories that can be easily estimated and implemented by the development team; mentoring developers in using eXtreme Programming techniques such as Test Driven Development and Behavioural Driven Development; coaching the entire team to start delivering value in short cycles and set them on the path of self improvement and self organisation.


I have experience in and am also available for auditing your development processes and helping you to improve them, if needed, to achieve the maximum return. I will produce a detailed report with observations and suggestions for improvement, ranging from technical details like Source Control Management, to stakeholder management or I can focus on a specific part of your processes that you have already identified as requiring improvement.