For our clients we have implemented and/or improved their Software Development processes from concept to delivery, focussing on quality, reduced waste and faster delivery.

We usually start by working closely with your development/product teams, observing current behaviours and technical practices. This is then followed by listening directly to the people on the ground, seeking their feedback, suggestions for improvement and views, and come up with some ideas on how to improve things.

It is then time to start making little changes... Don't worry, we would not deliver a vague 2 hour presentation to impress you on how good the future could be and leave you to your own devices, we would instead sit down together with the development teams, working on daily tasks related to current real projects and help them succeed in the adoptions of these changes.

Here is a taste of the things we've done in the past:

  • Managed cross functional teams to design and deliver key products.
  • Introduced and implemented Scrum and most importantly delivered Products with it.
  • Introduced GIT through a series of training sessions and then migrated old Source Control system to it.
  • Developed a JavaScript framework to manage the UI of Microsoft CRM 365, to speed up development of a case management system, making it possible to deliver a new Case in 1 Sprint (2 weeks).
  • Developed a Vagrant image to be able to test locally a portion of the system to be delivered. On the VM a little application with a simple UI interfaced with a custom Nexus repository and you were able to install, update and remove RPM packages. This helped shortened the feedback loop for development, avoiding major integration issue down the line.
  • Implemented Continuous Integration using the Microsoft Azure Platform for a Microsoft CRM 365 development team significantly reducing the Software development cycle feedback loop.
  • Introduced and established Test Driven Development practice which led to an improvement in the quality and better maintainability of the software developed.
  • Introduced and established Behaviour Driven Development practice to facilitate deeper business understanding of the products built.