I'm currently going through the recruitment process to become a Learning Tree instructor and I'm quite excited about it. I love giving presentations and interact with people, and I especially love the feel of challenge just before the course starts.

In my previous positions I was not afraid of presenting new technologies or new methodologies to the whole team and/or senior management, and now, as an Agile Consultant, I really enjoy introducing and implementing SCRUM and other Agile methodologies to companies and teams.
I think Learning Tree will help me improve my presentation skills and enhance my communication skills to the next level.

The course I will be teaching is the Agile Project Management with Scrum (course 918) and possibly other two. I'm looking forward to share my own experience to explain what the major challenges and rewards of implementing Agile are, how Agile should be a "company mindset" and not just a concept sealed in the dev team, and help attendees answer day to day questions that they may have.

I will be off to the Instructor Training Course at the end on January 2014 and then, I will be waiting for the call to present my first course. Wish me luck!